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I Want a Three Way!

Have you been looking for a three way? Many people seek them out and are frustrated at their limited availability. Some people may even be surprised to learn how many three ways their neighbors have in their homes. While a good three way may be elusive, they do exist if you know where to find them. Look now further, you have found the definitive three way website. Here we have every three way you could possibly desire.

50-100-150 Watt A21 3 Way Medium (E26) Brass Base CC-8 Filament Design 130 Volt. 2500 Average Rated Hours 5-1/4" Maximum Overall Length.

How Three Ways Work:

Three ways are like regular light bulbs except that they have two filaments. The most common three way is the 50-100-150 watt light bulb. This bulb has a 50 watt filament and a 100 watt filament. When you turn on the three way light bulb, the 50 watt filament comes on. The second setting turns off the 50 watt filament and the 100 watt filament comes on. When you turn the switch to the third setting, the 50 watt filament comes on while the 100 watt filament remains illuminated, thus producing 150 watts.

PL26SE/3WAY/27K/E26 - 26 Watt Three Way Self-Ballasted Compact Fluorescent Coil Light 2700 Kelvin Color Temperature Medium (E26) Base 120 Volt. Lumen output is 700 Lumens @ 11 Watts, 1320 Lumens @ 20 Watts, and 1700 Lumens @ 26 Watts. 6.10" Maximum Overall Length, 2.68" Maximum Overall Diameter. 10,000 Average Rated Hours.


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